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Top 5 Most Prominent 2020 Preakness Stakes Contenders

Prominent 2020 Preakness Stakes Contenders

The U.S. Triple Crown Series is coming to its conclusion in a few days from now. The Preakness Stakes will close the said event on October 3, 2020, at Pimlico Park. In line with this, there are thirteen all three-year old colts expected to compete. Some of which were winners in the Belmont Stakes and the Kentucky Derby.

There are a lot of things to anticipate during the 145th Preakness run. Aside from the new entrants, the fans can see whether Derby and Belmont finishers can sustain their strength and continue winning. Moreover, even if Stronach Group doesn’t allow the audience to spectate the tournament, the betting games are still working online.

While the Preakness Stakes is inching in less than five days, this is the best time to find the best horses to bet. With many aspiring thoroughbred racehorses aiming to earn a berth in this year’s run for the Black-Eyed Susans, let’s meet the top five Preakness 2020 horses of prominent colts, which are also huge favorites in the Preakness Stakes.

Authentic (Bob Baffert)

The Kentucky Derby held in the first week of September was full of suspense and thrill. Tiz The Law, which was undefeated four times in his road to the Derby trail, was a huge favorite to win the racing event. However, as the race day comes, Bob Baffert’s Authentic has stunned the crowd by defeating Tiz The Law flawlessly.

That said, Authentic is taking the heaviest and favorite odds in the upcoming Preakness Stakes. He showed a better positioning in the Derby gate and maintained an optimum speed to approach the finish line. Today, Baffert aims to repeat the same victory, and this hope is not impossible if Authentic maintains his best form during the race day.

Honor A.P. (John Shirreffs)

Honor A.P. is another colt that showcases a genuine odds for the 2020 Preakness Stakes. Trained by John Shirreffs, he was one of the top contenders in today’s Triple Crown Series. Although this horse does not come with a close form like Authentic, his chance to win the Preakness title is not impossible.

Looking into his previous racing accomplishments, he made six racing finishes since birth. He is a current title holder for the Santa Anita Derby held last June 6, 2020. Aside from that, he also garnered several placements in other tournaments like San Felipe Stakes (2nd), Shared Belief Stakes (2nd), and Kentucky Derby (4th).

Art Collector (Thomas Drury Jr.)

The sire of Bernardini, Art Collector, may have missed the Belmont Stakes and Kentucky Derby this year but is bidding to the Preakness Stakes. Before earning a spot to run at Pimlico Park this October, Art Collector worked out in some significant races and successfully brought home the title.

He started his racing career last year but earned his debut title at the Blue Grass Stakes. He competed with the horses who ran for the Derby, yet Art Collector reigned supreme. Besides, he was also one of the contenders for the Ellis Park Derby held last August 9, 2020, and he did not disappoint his trainer and bettors as he also won the title.

Thousand Words (Bob Baffert)

It seems that Bob Baffert is not running out of entry this year for the Triple Crown stint. Aside from Authentic, he is sending Thousand Words at Pimlico Park to participate in the 145th Preakness run. Like Art Collector, Thousand Words skipped the Belmont and Derby this year to work out for other races.

Last February 1, 2020, he started running in the Robert B. Lewis Stakes and immediately won the title. After that, he competed in two Derby trails, the San Felipe Stakes, and ended in fourth place while finishing 11th place at Oaklawn Stakes. Last month, Thousand Words bounced back at Los Alamitos Derby as a second placer while winning the Shared Belief Stakes.

Rushie (Michael W. McCarthy)

Undeniably, the U.S. Triple Crown Series this year is full of surprises. If the Belmont Stakes hailed an undefeated winner and the Derby was stunned by an unexpected colt, then the Preakness is starred by fresh and well-accomplished horses. Rushie is one of the new entrants for the Preakness, which offers fair odds to win the Black-Eyed Susans.

Before taking a final nod to run in the Preakness Stakes, he competed at Pat Day Mile Stakes, which happened last September 5, and won the title. Apart from that, he also participated in two significant horse racing shows: the Santa Anita Derby and Blue Grass Stakes, where he both ended in third place.


There is no turning back for the colts joining the 145th Preakness Stakes this year as the competition comes near. Although the Pimlico field will feature thirteen mightiest thoroughbreds to vie for a million-dollar award, the five horses above are the most prominent entries to watch out for. Can one of them emerge successful in getting draped with a garland of Black-Eyed Susans, or the dogs might take the title instead?

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