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Popular Online Games in 2021 That Everyone Should Play

Popular Online Games

Let’s say you have had an extremely rough day and you desperately need to wind down. Now, everyone has a different approach to ‘winding down’, don’t they? But, judging from the fact that you have clicked on this article is because of the title. These games can be played easily if you have a computer along with a stable internet connection. However, quite a few games among them can be played on a mobile phone too.

We have made a list that is highly recommended by Spin Casino online. Spin Casino is New Zealand’s top casino when it comes to online games. If you are someone who fancies a blackjack strategy, or some really cool pokies, then this casino is for you. They are known for their ‘something for everybody’ policy and thus we can assure you that it would not be boring. With that, let us get back to the list:

  • PUBG: PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds became a masterpiece soon after it was released worldwide. The game has made a huge breakthrough in the years that it is in the market and has successfully overtaken every other game to secure the numero uno place. Deemed as one of the best games in its battle royale mode, this is a last-person-standing game. 

  • Fortnite: Originally designed to be a survival simulation game involving an open world, Fortnite gained its stardom thanks to its battle royale mode. Like it is with any other battle royale game, Fortnite too has a map in which the last person or team surviving wins the game. The game’s primary goal is to survive with the teams getting closer and ultimately leading to a final showdowm. 

  • DOTA 2: Designed by Valve, DOTA 2 is a MOBA game which allows multiplayers too. This game is a direct modification of the game Warcraft III and it has eventually morphed into its own independent identity. Regardless, it is immensely popular among the esports community and rightly so. 

  • GTA Online: This game is known by almost everybody who has an online presence. It has been more than five years since the first release of GTA, yet people cannot seem to forget this iconic game. The cherry on top is that this is a multiplayer game, so you can enjoy it with your friends as well!

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive- Another great game designed by Valve, the Counter Strike games are known all across the world. Unlike its predecessor Counter Strike 1.6, Global Offensive divides the players into two major groups of Terrorists and Special Forces. The Terrorist-groups get their high by taking hostages and/or planting bombs while Special Forces diffuse the bombs and free the hostages. Sometimes, there is a showdown and the last standing person’s team wins. 

Like we mentioned, there are a number of popular online games that can be played either solo or in a multiplayer mode. With that being said, play responsibly and make sure you are taking breaks in between. You need to wind down, not stress out because of a game!

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