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No more prices! Luka Modric, Christian Eriksen

No more prices! Luka Modric, Christian Eriksen

Winter squad is underway. If the footballers’ contract is not renewed next June, if they do not renew their contract with the club, they can talk to another club this January, so that they can join the new club as soon as the contract expires in June, without any fee to the team. Who are they?

Luca Madrich. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo lost the dominance of Real Madrid two years ago with the star of the Ballon d’Or just six months away. March wants to start negotiations with any other club as per the rules this January. If their proposal is like Madrid, you can join them next June!

Can you imagine? The star who won the Ballon d’Or for Real two years ago, is leaving Real this way? Apparently this is the case, as the 5-year-old has not yet negotiated a contract extension with the Croatian midfielder. And if Real doesn’t show interest in the deal, then Madrid will join another club for free in June.

Who else is in such a situation? Who has the possibility to join another club for free next June? Let’s take a look!

1. Christian Eriksen – This offensive midfielder from Denmark has long been trying to get out of Tottenham Hotspur. Ericsson has not yet been given a new deal after the arrival of new coach José Mourinho. The 20-year-old is looking to get the midfielder into the squad with teams like Manchester United, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, and PSG.

2. Willian – Barcelona have been trying for the last few seasons to get the Brazilian right-winger. But Chelsea did not leave. The contract for that Willian is now only six months away. If Barsa wants to bring their highly sought-after winger next June, at no cost.

3. Tomas Munier – PSG has yet to show interest in extending a deal with the Belgian right-back. As an alternate right-back, he could be seen next season at clubs like Arsenal and Tottenham.

4. Edison Cavani – Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid have shown interest in the PSG striker.

5. Dries Martens – Napoli’s star striker’s contract is almost over. His dealings with the owners are not, that is to say, the possibility of a contract with Napoli. In that case, Mertens could take on Inter Milan

6. Nemanja Matic – Manchester United midfielder coach Ole Gunnar Sulisher is not in the scheme of things. Italian club Juventus may be Matich’s new address

7. Mario Glass – The career goal of the World Cup final that has been going down since that match, is not known. Borussia did not go to Dortmund for a second light. German club Hertha Berlin plans to take him to the squad

8. José Caihan – His condition is similar to that of fellow Martens. By losing the relationship with the owner, he has lost the possibility of increasing the contract. Chinese club Dalian Ifang can buy him

9. Ian Vertone – The club has not yet extended a contract with the Belgian center back from Tottenham. Although new coach José Mourinho extended his contract with Verton’s defensive partner Toby Alderweireld, Sutton still holds the future for Verdone. Former club Aix and Napoli have shown interest in taking Vertone into the squad as a chance

10. Blaise Matuidi – The World Cup-winning midfielder is no longer unbeaten in Juventus. The contract is pending and only six months. However, Juventus could extend the contract with him until 2022

11. Pedro – Chelsea winger’s contract is almost over. At present no club in Europe has shown interest in him. Some clubs in MLS like Inter Miami and New York City want him

12. Alexander Neubel – The German goalkeeper is being called ‘the new Manuel Neymar’. The goalkeeper is joining Bayern at the end of the deal with Schalke, which is fairly certain.

13. Nacho Fernandez – Nacho has been a substitute for Real Madrid’s defense for many years. That dance deal is almost over. If the team can take Nacho, the club will get players from three places, including center back, left-back and right-back.

14. David Silva – The latest in the Premier League’s best midfielder in the last ten years – this time the Manchester City jersey was last seen. It is not yet known if you will go to any club.

15. Fernandinho – Fernandinho is another old burned warrior in the city like Silver. He is also playing in the Jersey City last season.

16. Olivier Ziru – Chelsea will no longer be a World Cup-winning French striker. In fact, many offers for Ziru from China and the United States can be seen in the suggestion of a national team coach in a top league club like Olympic Leo.

17. Thiago Silva – The PSG defender has aged for a long time. However, PSG may renew one more year with him.

In addition to those notable star players who want to start free talks next June, they can start negotiations with other clubs – Ryan Fraser (Scotland, Bournemouth), Eric Bye (Ivory Coast, Manchester United), Jakomo Bonaventura (Italy, AC Milan). , Artem Zuba (Russia, Zenit St Petersburg), Levin Kurzawa (France, PSG), Charles Arangiz (Chile, Bare Leva) Rokuzen), Yossip Ilichich (Slovenia, Atlanta), Ever Banega (Argentina, Stevia), Adam Lallana (England, Liverpool), Walter Benitez (Argentina, Nice), Cedric Soares (Portugal, Sawlampton, Rwanda) ), By Ezekiel Gara (Argentina, Valencia)

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