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The most popular sports in Norway that every Norwegian loves

Sport is something very common in Norway. The vast majority of the population of this country has a strong passion for multiple sports. Despite what many people think, Norway fans don’t just focus on winter sports. They also have a great variety of sports which are very popular in this country.

You can say that Norwegians are big sports lovers. Instead of focusing on a single activity, its population presents a great fanaticism for a wide variety of these. Among those sports that stand out we can name winter sports, which are the most popular activity in this country. Also, field sports such as soccer, basketball or handball appear because they have a big relevance within the country.

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Given the variety of sports that this country presents, a very intensive analysis of each of them must be carried out to understand its popularity. In several of these sports, Norway stands out, or has stood out, for his good performances internationally. On the other hand, there are cases in which these sports have an important relevance at the national level that attracts the public.

These are the most popular sports that all Norwegians love to visualize:

#Winter Sports

The most popular sports in Norway are winter sports. Each time the Winter Olympic Games are played, Norway gets outstanding performances thanks to the good performance of its representatives. These games are among the most practiced in this country and are also the most visualized by fans.

Winter sports are based on recreational activities developed in the snow or ice. Before, these competitions had to be held in places with abundant amount of ice so that they can be done without inconvenience. Now, with the advancement of technology, they can be performed anywhere in the world using artificial snow.

All Norwegians have something in common, there is none that does not like skiing. This country has an abundant amount of snow and mountains that allow residents and tourists to constantly ski. Thanks to the enthusiasm of the citizens, this became the most popular sport in this country.

This activity has multiple variations, the most popular practiced by fans are the following:

#Cross-Country Skiing:

This variation of skiing is the most popular within Norway. All Norwegians love skiing so this has become the most popular sport in their country. Not only benefits the Norwegians themselves, but also the lovers of this activity. Many tourists travel especially to Norway for its beautiful mountains that present the ideal conditions for this intense sport.

The biggest stars of this sport are from Norway. Sporting future that young people have is highly focused on winter sports and football. Thanks to this great passion, important athletes such as Sundby, Dæhlie or Northug have become world renowned for winning a huge number of championships in this sport.

As we named before, being the most popular sport in this country, many tourists travel to Norway to practice it. Among the favorite places for tourists are Raudalen Alpinsenter, Gaustablikk – Rjukan or Beitostølen Skisenter. These are very popular resorts located in strategic areas where they can practice this sport in optimal conditions.

Among the main competitors of Norway, there are important countries such as Russia, Canada, United States and other important sports important national teams. Norway managed to take place in this sport and, along with its popularity, continues training young people who are promoting this important sport.


This recently new sport has quickly become one of the most popular in Norway. The reason for its success in this country is clearly justified. The sport consists of two stages, in the first one Cross-Country skiing takes place and in the second, shooting. These are the two passions of the Norwegians combined in the same sport.

The Norwegians loved this sport and managed to place themselves in the top positions of the Biathlon quickly. However, competitors need very good skills to perform this tough competition. Not only do they need to be skilled in skiing but also have a very good aim when shooting.

Main reason of success in this sport was given by the massive affection that the public took. Clearly, everyone who saw this competition once was extremely entertained by the dynamics of the games. This led this sport to becoming very popular on.

Norway always remained successful and won a lot of championships that kept this activity on the podium of the most popular winter sports in this country.

#Ski Jumping:

This popular sport in Norway consists of throwing with a ski through a trampoline and reach the greatest possible distance. It is one of the most popular sports within this country and, in addition, it is one of the oldest since it has been practiced in Norway from the end of the 19th century.

You can say that Norway was the main founder of this sport. Since then, its success was replicated to several European countries and the United States in which it began to practice.

If we combine the good performance of the Norwegians in skiing and add the precision in the jumps, we obtain a practically sure success for this country. The good performance that this country presented in this competition led to the formation of a massive popularization within it.

#Field sports

These types of sports also have a very large popularity within Norway. At the beginning of the article we mentioned that Norwegians have a strong passion for sports, this clearly justifies it. In addition to performing in winter sports, they also stand out in several field sports.

Within Norway, there is a great story with important sports such as football, basketball or handball. Young people always had a tendency to turn to these sports due to the popularity they have internationally. This genre also has a great importance within this country.


Norway’s left back Espen Lie Hansen jumps to shoot on goal during the 25th IHF Men’s World Championship 2017 quarter final handball match Norway vs Hungary on January 24, 2017 at the Halle Olympique in Albertville. / AFP PHOTO / Philippe DESMAZES

One of the sports that has taken more relevance in this country in recent years is handball. Norwegians have taken great affection for this intense sport. It was clearly reflected in his performance internationally in this competition. The last years of the Norwegian national team were the best in its history.

The Norwegian handball team has had 15 participations in the World Championships of this sport. Until a few years ago, it was not such a popular sport. However, the last World Championships were very close to being won by the Norwegians.

During 2017 and 2019 the Norwegian national team reached the final instance. Unfortunately, they never managed to win this championship, but they left a more than correct performance. The interest of the public became very big thanks to the two finals reached and many young people became interested in this sport.


This sport is internationally recognized for its great popularity. Everyone knows that the best league in the world is the NBA in the United States, but the Norwegians also formed their own league to compete in this sport.

Since 2000, the BLNO was formed, which has a semi-professional character. This league brings together 8 basketball teams which face in league format to define the champion. It has not yet become a professional sport within this country, but nobody doubts that it is constantly growing thanks to the growing interest of the public.

The most popular team in the league is the Asker Aliens. This popular team has won 5 leagues since the time of its formation. In the last two years, the league was dominated by the Konsberg Miners which is imposed against Asker who lost in the last final.


Soccer is the most popular field sport in Norway. In the last 20 years, it has become one of the most popular sports in the country competing directly with winter sports. Its great popularity is due to the fact that soccer is the most recognized sport worldwide, so all fans give it a lot of importance in their country.

Norway has a great football history with its national team. This step from being virtually unknown to earning a place in several important competitions joined with their participation in several World Cups led this sport too success in this country. During the golden generation of 1998, they managed to beat the best Brazilian national team in history.

Unfortunately, at present the level of the national team has fallen dramatically. As we said in our article on the big decline of the Norwegian national team, a series of internal problems within the team led to the failure of this football generation.

However, the future is quite encouraging as many young people are interested in this sport. Many children are greatly influenced by the popularity of this sport internationally and begin to practice it more frequently. This will lead to the rebirth of young talents like those of previous generations.

An example of a successful young footballer is Martin Odegaard who is only 19 years old in the big leagues. Norway also knew how to form great players who stood out in the English league like John Riise, Henning Berg or Joshua King.

All Norwegians have a great passion for sports. Young people are becoming more and more committed to their participation, so the future is very promising in winter and field sports. Bets are also constantly growing in Norway so many people are having the chance to win good money thanks to online Norwegian casinos.

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