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Messi smiles at the ‘baby boy’ Barcelona Last Match

Messi smiles at the 'baby boy' Barcelona Last Match

Barcelona has lost 3-2 to Atletico Madrid in the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup tomorrow. Barcelona star Lionel Messi is disappointed at the loss

Lionel Messi has always had trouble accepting rates. The Barcelona star could not hide his disappointment after being dropped from the Spanish Super Cup semifinal yesterday. Messi met with the team to make ‘baby mistakes’ in the field.

Barca defeated Atletico Madrid 4-2 in the semifinals of Saudi Arabia. Barsa went ahead in the 12th minute after falling behind in this exciting game. But Barcelona confirmed the storm in 5 to 5 minutes of the match. Atletico Alvaro Morata and Angel Correa scored two goals at the time. Atletico could have got another penalty before Correa scored the last goal in the 5 minutes.

However, two goals were dismissed by the video assistant referee (VAR). It is not that Bar ।a has played badly in the entire match, but rather the last five minutes until the last 5 minutes have been given by the disciples of Ernesto Valverde. Messi’s grief is right here. Even playing well did not catch the win! “It’s a shame that we played well, controlled the match but they (Atletico) did something wrong when it was almost over,”

Barsa Forward told the Jeddah press. They turned the game down in just 5 minutes but we couldn’t do anything. I’m having trouble, I wanted to go to the finals and win the title. We played well but sadly did not win. ‘

Messi also reminded that if the semis accept the rate, the child’s mistakes in the game cannot be made again, “We will move forward even at this rate.” But it has to be remembered that it is not happening the way I want it to. Baby mistakes can no longer be made. ‘

Messi will be criticized for the team Harley knows. And so he reminded his teammates, ‘Harley, if you can’t play as expected, this is normal. If the team does not play well, the supporters will talk. It’s a tough time because our title is slipping, but we have to move on. ”

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