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Casual and Offbeat Sports Games Picking Up Steam

Sports Games

For the most part, fully licensed sports games should be a certain top-seller. Publishers like Electronic Arts and Take-Two have thrived thanks to their efforts of acquiring professional sports league rights and then making aesthetically pleasing games that relay the look of the real sport. However, with gaming continuing to grow and gamers being willing to explore beyond just the annual triple-A titles, other game developers have been able to muscle in on the scene.

There are hundreds of sports games available across all platforms, with each one offering a different spin on the sport. The casual games and offbeat titles have even been able to pick up a substantial audience, especially because the regular, big-name sports releases have reportedly stagnated of late. Across the trending platforms of gaming, these are the sports games that are winning over the fans.

The console home of indie sports titles

When it comes to finding a diverse array of indie, offbeat sports games at cost-effective prices, the Nintendo Switch rules the console space. The handheld-TV hybrid updates its eShop with new titles every day, with there being several sports titles on the virtual shelves. While FIFA 21 decided to bring its greatly watered down Legacy Edition to the console, other developers went all-in on creating novel experiences.

Right now, indie tennis games are winning over Switch players, with both Tennis Open 2020 and the free-to-start Tennis 1920s flying in popularity. They lead the charge of more unique sports enjoying some time in the spotlight, as is also the case with the skateboarding game OlliOlli: Switch Stance and the highly-praised golf game What the Golf? As for more traditional sports simulation titles on the Switch, those akin to EA and 2K games, Super Blood Hockey boasts a comprehensive, challenging, and wonderfully entertaining career mode.

Browser-based sports games being given a boost

Browser gaming is one of the oldest and most beloved forms of gaming, being at the ready whenever you had a spare moment between doing your work on a laptop or desktop. Quick-play sports games are still tremendously popular, particularly because the online platforms hosting the games not only have several titles to try, but they also offer bonuses to newcomers.

Games like Nyjah Huston: Skate for Gold, Football Cash Pots, Jagr’s Super Slot, Let’s Get Ready to Rumble, and All Win FC have become the games of choice at the best online casino platforms. This has been fuelled by one such platform, Gday Casino, offering the popular no-deposit bonus, which grants new players free funds just for signing-up. With the free funds, players could also try out the other sports games, like Football Star Deluxe and Rally 4 Riches.

Casual sports gaming at its most convenient

Few would deny that the primary reason behind the surge in mobile gaming has been their convenience. Available at a few taps of a screen, the gaming apps market has been flooded with creative sports games. For premium play, there’s the trending boxing management simulator Leather. However, accessibility is key in mobile gaming, which is why the free casual games Mini Football and Retro Bowl have won over 200,000 players each.

Across the more convenient gaming platforms, indie and casual sports game creations are becoming more and more popular. While the fully licensed titles will almost certainly continue to dominate sales, these offbeat games are certainly winning over plenty of fans.

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