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Why Betting on the Australian Cricket Team is Your Best Bet throughout 2019 and mid-2020?

One of the biggest reasons why anyone would want to bet on the Australian national cricket team is because they are amongst the most successful teams in history. The Aussies as they are called have played 820 test matches out of which they have won 386, lost 222, 210 were a draw, and 2 matches were tied. In November 2019, they are ranked fifth in the ICC Test Championship with 99 rating points. All of which makes them the most successful cricket team in Test history in terms of win percentages. But that’s not all.

Since most people tend to bet on ODIs, Australia’s national cricket team has over the course of their history showed great reliance and at time brilliance. The team has played 939 ODIs (One Day International Cricket), winning 572, tying 9, losing 324, and 34 ended with no result. The team ranks no — 3 in the ICC ODI Championship rankings with 113 points.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the team has been ranked no. 1 for 141 months out of 185 making them the most successful ODI team in history. After all, winning over 60% percent of matches is a noteworthy achievement. So, anyone who would put their money on Australia in an ODI, even if they knew nothing about cricket would have a 60% chance of making money. Those odds go up immensely if you understand Australia’s strengths and the weaknesses and that of the team they are going up against.

The Aussies Have Shown Dominance Throughout 2019

2019 Has been a very good year for the Aussies. The team toured England through May and September to play the 2019 Cricket World Cup and then the Ashes. They also played tour matches against Derbyshire and Worcestershire. While the team failed to defend the ICC World Cup, which they won in 2015, the overall showing for the team has been excellent.

Walking home with the Ashes trophy was a big win for the team, especially since the team has not been able to pick up the Ashes trophy since 2001. Pat Howard credited the excellent performance to him, putting up what he calls a series of building blocks in place when he was around two years ago.

Prior to the Ashes, the Aussies had beat both Pakistan and India in ODIs with pretty comfortable wins. Fast forward to November, and it seems that Pakistan will continue to take a walloping from the Aussies through the five-day matches. Since beating Pakistan is no small matter, it is pretty clear that the team (Australians) have found their way to winning again, maybe not as they did back in the 90s but perhaps consider this a second comeback.

Both India and Pakistan are ranked in the top five spots. So, with these big wins for the national team, betters can easily see that Australia is the way to go when it comes to safe bets in cricket. But the odds need to be favorable and fair.

Moving forward we can expect that the Australians will only become more frequent winners through 2020. One reason for this is that the team’s most notable members are in form, and Justin Langer believes that with a couple of tweaks the team can become a force to be reckoned with, but will it become the no. 1 team again is anyone’s guess.

How Does Cricket Betting work?

Various bookmakers and online gambling websites allow Australians and those outside of the country to place bets on Cricket. The thing you need to compare across bookies is what type of odds are being offered. Also, does the bookmaker offer tips which can help you figure out if Australia or the opposing team will perhaps win the match or watch the pitch report to figure out how many max runs can be made, etc. Furthermore, always choose a bookmaker who is trusty and reliable so that you are paid in the event of a win.

Popular Cricket Bets You Can Place Online

All Australian punters who want to get the best and most action out of online betting can bet on more than just the outcome of a match. The best online sites offer an array of betting outcomes from which you can choose from. Some of the most popular outcomes that people like to bet on are:

  • Which team will start by winning the toss?
  • Which player is the best batsman on each team?
  • Which team will get the most players run out?
  • Who will win at the end of the initial innings?
  • Will any player score a fifty?
  • Who will score a century?
  • Will the match be a draw?

While betting on who will win the toss isn’t everyone’s cup of tea because it does not require skill, all other aspects of the game can be figured out to a great extent. In most instances, if you know which team is stronger which in 60% of the cases it is Australia then placing a bet becomes a lot simpler.

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